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Molecular Models Company had its humble beginnings in the living room of Don and Gerry Hedberg in 1967.  As a professor of Chemistry the need for visual aids in teaching and its absence of availability triggered the beginning of a company over four decades ago.  Through the years the company has grown and been nurtured by 3 families devoted to the same principles established at its founding.  These principles include the availability of a selection of high quality products, a diversified line of model sets and kits to meet the needs of instructors of organic and inorganic chemistry, and treating its most valuable asset, you, as family.

The "Original Giant Size" molecular model set as first conceived by Don has remained relatively unchanged since its inception.  The orbital theory model set (19-8042) created not long after continues to instruct world over about molecular structure and nature of atoms.  With attention to detail and craftsmanship the company has continued to appreciate repeat customers now through three families and over 40 years of business with the same continued level of commitment its customers have come to expect.  With each family contributing to its model line and manufacturing techniques,  Molecular Models Company has continued to grow in response to its customers needs.

Molecular Models Company had its begining as Science Related Materials (SRM). With its products in high demand the company quickly out grew the confines of Don and Gerry's living room.  With its Giant Size molecular model line well established, the need for smaller models to make larger structures and still meet the need of the students of chemistry prompted the expansion of kit lines to include other manufactureres.  From 1966 to the early 80's SRM distributed its own and other model lines world wide.

As the science industry continued to grow and OSHA's involvement in its safety began, the company again grew and adapted to meet the needs of its customers.  From this sprouted the company Lab Safety with its line of OSHA manuals and safety products it soon grew to be the largest supplier of medical gloves and related supplies in the United States.  Now a division of W.W. Grainger Co., the world's top distributor of industrial/MRO products, it continues to thrive in Southern Wisconsin.

As the safety products division continued to grow, interest in the SRM by its long standing accountant was born.  Warren Kukla, having achieved his dream of creating one of the most prestigious accounting firms in Southern WI, desired to take his set of entrepreneurial business skills in a different direction.  In 1986 Warren and his wife Judy, purchased the company from his long time friend and business colleague Don.  To the company came fresh ideas and a new model line that remains intact over 20 years later (19-V500 and 19-V525).

Returning to its roots, Molecular Models Company returned to the manufacturing and sale of the Giant size series solely to its valued distributors.  To the company and its model lines came Judy's well known artistic eye for colors and creativity and with this more vibrant colors adherent to international standards, labeling and packaging began.  Judy's vision for branding remains intact as she possessed the artistic skill to create the company logo which remains in use today.

After its purchase the company was relocated from Janesville to Edgerton Wisconsin where it continued to flourish for years.  During this time Warren worked with consultants from University of Wisconsin ICE department of chemistry to continue to enhance and expand its models to meet the needs of its customers.  After more than 20 years of continued success carried on from its original founding, Mr Kukla was ready to transition into a comfortable state of retirement.  With this in mind, the eventual introduction to its current owners was set in motion.

Through a mutual friend, Vern and Sue Partello met with Warren in late October, 2004 and a tour of the manufacturing facilities was undertaken.  With the Chemistry background of its current owners and Sue's drive equal to that of Judy, the reins of the model company were handed over.  Mr Kukla, with his desire to see the continued success of his company, remained on as an invaluable consultant for the first quarter of the transition assuring the continued success of his company and imparting the knowledge needed to carry it forward yet again.  The company's product lines remained relatively unchanged the first few years outside of the addition of new atom center configurations made possible by new manufacturing techniques implemented by its new owners. 

As the company continued to grow a new home was needed to accommodate the expansion and success of its long established, as well as newly anticipated model lines.  In 2008 the company moved its headquarters  to Beloit, Wisconsin where it continues to grow with the ever watchful eye on the need of its customers.  During this transition in facilities the Super Size organic chemistry line was conceived with the goal to offer an easily seen and utilized kit for the elementary through introductory high school classes.  After a year of prototypes the model line was released after assuring that the quality and ease of use would hold to the standard already set by the Giant line.  New models from this concept are currently being released or are in the prototype phase for the advanced high school and university level classroom.  Vern and Sue were happy to release the new Super Size VSEPR theory model set during the Winter of 2010.

Molecular Models Company (MMC) has again taken the lead in manufacturing and quality with the addition of its two new model lines.  After a careful review of the market needs it was determined that smaller model lines economically priced would bring a new dimension of service to the chemistry world.

MMC is proud to introduce our Micro and Atomic lines to meet the needs of our customers old and new.  Vern is dual boarded by the American Board of Preventative Medicine (ABPM) in Addiction Medicine and the American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) in Family Medicine. He is the Executive Director of an opioid addiction treatment clinic that uses Methadone, Suboxone and Vivitrol in Madison WI. You will also see extensive work done in the inorganic chemistry line as one of Vern's childhood friends, strangely enough, is a doctorate inorganic chemist with a passion for teaching.  His connections with the researches and professors actively working in their respective fields will prove instrumental in the continued expansion of model lines.

As a family owned business striving to meet the needs of the scientific community, Molecular Models Company relies on feedback from its model users to continue to enhance its model lines.  This company now, as before, in the previous 40 plus years will continue to strive to meet the needs of its family of customers by adhering to the principles which have contributed to its long history of success.


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