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How to assemble a Buckyball molecular model kit



How to Build a Buckyball, Fuzzyball, Nanoshell, Dendrimer Nanoparticle

buckyball nanoball assembly instructionsStep 1:  Create 12 pentagonal structures utilizing your trigonal or tribipyramidal (shown) atom centers specific to your kit as shown with the gray or clear bonds (shown) included in your kit as noted.

Step 2:  Connect 6 pentagons together to make 2 of  the following structure noted.

Step 3:  Connect the surrounding pentagons together to make 5 hexagons (between the pentagon’s in #2) completing the 2 halves of the sphere as shown.


Step 4:  Connect the 2 halves together as shown.  At this junction you should have one pentagon and one hexagon.






Step 5:  Connect the remaining bonds to finish the Buckyball structure.



(expanded Kits)  for those with the Fuzzyball kit, Nanoshell kit or dendrimer kit  you will now attach your specific components as noted below:


Nanoshell Kit Instructions

Nanoshell molecular model kit instructionsStep 1A:  Now that your Buckyball is complete add the 60 clear short (20 mm) bonds and then attach the blue trigonalbipyramidal atoms as shown.





Nanoshell assembly instructions molecular model kitStep 2A:  Now attach the clear (32 mm) bonds to assemble the outer shell.






Your completed Nanoshell molecular model kit.








Fuzzyball Kit Instructions

Fuzzyball c60H60 hydrogenated fullerene molecular model kit buckyballStep 1B:  Now that your Buckyball is assembled with your trigonal bipyramidal  atom centers you can now attach your 60 short bonds (clear or gray) and monovalent atoms (1 prong) or your 60 Monobonds© (Hydrogen or Fluorine) depending on your kit.  Hydrogenated monobond buckyball shown.






Dendrimer Nanoparticle Kit Instructions

Nanoparticle step one instructions dendrimer pieceStep 1C:  Now that your buckyball is assembled with the provided tirbi atom centers as shown above assemble the outer particles as shown.  You will first assemble 120 of the structures with 2 black tetrahedral atoms (4 prongs) attached to one center blue trigonal atom (3 prong) as shown.




nanoparticle step 2 assembly instructions dendrimer nanoparticleStep 2C:  Now attach 2 of the structures from step 1C to your black trigonal (3 prong) atom centers.





dendrimer nanoparticle piece assembly instructionsStep 3C:  Now attach the completed units to the open sites of the buckyball to complete your nanoparticle.





dendrimer nanoparticle molecular model kit nanotechnology buckyballYour completed Dendrimer Nanoparticle Molecular Model Kit:

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