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Diamond assembly instructions

Diamond molecular model assembly instructionsStep 1:  Assemble 6 atom centers with bonds protruding as noted in the top right figure.  Then assemble 5 atom centers with the atom centers completely filled with carbon atoms as shown in bottom right figure.  You will have 4 tetrahedral atom centers without attachments in the 4 level kits which will be detailed here.  The concept is the same for the 5 and 6 level model kits.  The first row will be shown below for each of these kits with the assembly the same for all subsequent levels as detailed below.






diamond instructions












diamond assembly instructionsStep 2:  Align 3 of your carbon atom structures with the end atoms in place as shown to in the picture on the right.  We will maintain this orientation with all subsequent pictures.










diamond molecule assembly instructionsStep 3:  Attach them together with the open bonded carbon from step 1 top picture.  You will then have a structure that looks like the image to the right.










diamond molecular model kit assembly isntructionsStep 4:  Insert a single carbon tetrahedral atom center in the center free bonding site as well as the three free sites facing directly up as seen in the picture from step 3.  You will then have a structure that looks like the structure to the right.









diamond molecular model setNote that at this step your 5 and 6 layer diamond molecular model set will look something like this.



Diamond 5 layer:








diamond molecular model assembly instructions




Diamond 6 layer:








diamond molecular model kit instructionsStep 5:  Attach 3 open bonded atoms to the structure from step 4 to create a model that looks the picture on the right.










diamond 4 layer molecular model structureStep 6:  Attach the final atoms arranged in a tetrahedral fashion to complete the structure.




Diamond 4 layer:













Diamond 5 layer:










diamond molecular model kit






Diamond 6 layer:

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