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Build your CO2 Crystal Molecular Model Kit


How to Build your CO2 Crystal Model Kit from Molecular Models Company

CO2 Crystal Model step oneStep 1:  Sort Carbon (black) atoms into two piles.  One pile will have the holes primarily around the equator at 90 degree and the other with them in primarily a triangular configuration as shown.  Both piles will have a few other holes in variable places.  Note on the one shown there is an individual hole under each finger.  Find one of the triangular configured balls that meet this criterion.  This will be our starting point.  This will also be the point of reference for all subsequent photos of assembly.





CO2 Crystal Model assembly step 2Step 2:  Insert short and long bonds into the triangular configured holes (as shown above in step 1) as shown to the right.  Again, the same orientation will be maintained in the pictures as we complete the model.








CO2 Crystal model Oxygen atom center step 3Step 3:  Insert all space filling translucent bonds into your Oxygen (Blue or Red) monovalent atoms at this time.








CO2 assembly instructions step 4Step 4:  Insert your Oxygen’s (Blue or Red) into your structure as shown to the right.








CO2 model step 5Step 5:  Connect your next Carbon (Black) atom center such that the triangular configuration allows the same orientation of the blue balls as show to the right.







Step 6:  Insert short and long sticks as shown.










CO2 Crystal model set assembly instructions step 7Step 7:  Attach the last of the Carbon’s (Black) to the base as shown.  Make sure to keep the orientation of the Oxygen’s (Red or Blue) in the same configuration as well to each other.








CO2 model step 8Step 8:  Insert all short and long bonds into this structure as shown to right.








CO2 crystal model assembly instructions step 9Step 9:  Assemble 6 of the following structures using your pile of Carbon’s (Black) with the holes primarily on the equator.  Insert your Oxygen’s (Blue or Red) from step 3 into the Carbon’s with the four holes along the equator left open.






CO2 crystal modelStep 10:  Insert 5 of the structures from step 9 into your model as shown.









CO2 model step 11Step 11:  Insert the remaining short and long bonds into your structure as shown.








CO2 crystal model kitStep 12:  Insert the last of the short bonds into your remaining CO2 molecule from step 9 as shown.








CO2 crystal model structure step 13Step 13:  Insert your last 4 remaining Carbon's (Black) into your structure making sure hole alignment allows continued continuity with other Oxygen (Blue or Red) configurations in your structure.







CO2 Crystal ModelStep 14:  Insert your last CO2 with short bonds inserted from step 12 to complete your structure.


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