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How to assemble the Ice crystal model structure.

Step 1
atomic Ice crystal model kit   

Assemble the water molecule units.  You will need the Oxygen tetrahedrals, linear hydrogen’s (H-bonds) and the short bonds.  You will have a pile that looks like the figure to the right made of individual units as noted on the bottom of the picture.  Each unit will require 1 - red tetrahedral (4 – prong), 2 - linear hydrogens (2 prongs) and 2 - translucent gray 20 mm bonds.







Step 2
         atomic ice cryatal molecular model kit

Assemble the structure to the right.  When subsequent layers are added keep the structure oriented as noted in front of you.  All subsequent pictures maintain this orientation for reference with the inverted H2O at the bottom of the screen.










Step 3
Ice crystal model assembly instructions   

Now add the upper ring structures as noted in the figure to the right.  Note the maintained orientation of the original ring structure on the bottom.










Step 4
how to assemble an ice crystal model kit

Next add the clear 20 mm bonds to the upward facing hydrogens noted to the right.












Step 5

Add the water molecules from step 1 to the newly installed clear bonds from step 4.  (figures to the right).









Step 6
ice crystal model kit

          Interlink the second layer as show in figures at right.








Step 7
how to build an ice crystal molecular model kit

          Insert water molecules and clear bonds in upward facing holes as shown to the right (repeat step 4 and 5 at this level).  Also note as you begin to see the hex tunnels form, the water molecules will follow a symmetric and repeating pattern to those below it.










 Step 8

Insert the remaining bonds as shown to the right and your Ice crystal molecular model is complete.

 ice crystal molecular model kit complete demonstration model

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