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14-DNA1000 10 Base Pair Double Helix Model Kit

10 Base Pair DNA Molecular Model Kit (complete assembly required) for the Lecture Hall, Lab or Lobby.  Comes with all the components to make this highly detailed model only from Molecular Models Company. This kit contains 9 GC and 8 AT base pairs.  Easily identify major groves, base pairs and other important features with this B DNA double helix.  Comes with detailed instructions for easy molecule assembly.

DNA double helix 10 base pair molecular model kitKit Contents:

103 - Carbon (Black, 23mm) Tetrahedral
90 Carbon (Black, 23mm) Trigonal
55 Nitrogen (Blue, 23mm) Trigonal
20 Nitrogen (Blue, 23mm) Divalent
71 Oxygen (Red, 23mm) Divalent
25 Hydrogen (White, 17mm) Linear
41 Oxygen (Red, 23mm) Semi-Sphere
196 Hydrogen (White, 23mm) Semi-Sphere
18 Phosphorus (Purple, 23mm) Tetrahedral
85 V Bond (Translucent)
600Short Bonds (Translucent)
2 Short Bond Push Tools
2 Short Bond Removal Tool
20 - zip ties
1 Assembled Stand ("Lazy Susan")
1 Online easy to follow assembly instructions


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