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14-DNA2700CI 17 Base Pair DNA Model Kit

The finest DNA model kit on the market standing at 3 feet tall on a rotating base it is easily seen anywhere in the lecture hall, lab or lobby.  This kit contains 9 GC and 8 AT base pairs.  Easily identify major and minor groves, base pairs and other important features with this B DNA double helix.  Model comes primarily permantly glued (Epoxy) and assembled and with ~30 minutes of wrok is read for display out of the box.  The DNA bases come glued and attached to there polycarbonate shelves.  The deoxyribose sugars are glued and packaged for there placement in the 5' and 3' directions.  The C5 Carbon and the remaining phosphate back bone comes assembled but not fully glued.  This allows for the model to take its natural helix formation with assembly.

DNA Double Helix molecular model kitKit Contents

176 Carbon (Black, 23mm) Tetrahedral
162 Carbon (Black, 23mm) Trigonal
85 Nitrogen (Blue, 23mm) Trigonal
34 Nitrogen (Blue, 23mm) Divalent
124 Oxygen (Red, 23mm) Divalent
107 Hydrogen (White, 17mm) Linear
72 Oxygen (Red, 23mm) Semi-Sphere
335 Hydrogen (White, 23mm) Semi-Sphere
32 Phosphorus (Purple, 23mm) Tetrahedral
332 V Bond (Transluecent)
849 Short Bonds (Transluecent)

1 nearly assembled B DNA molecular model.

5 Versions are available:
14-DNA2700 - A kit that requires complete assembly.
14-DNA2700PC - A kit that is mostly assembled and requires finishing details.
14-DNA2700C - A functional model kit that is completely assembled and ready for use.
14-DNA2700CGM - A completely assembled and glued model ready for display.
14-DNA2700CI - A mostly assembled and glued model requiring minimal assembly and compact packaging for international delivery.  (Canada and Overseas shipping version.  Yes we have and will ship the CGM version anywhere in the world.  With minimal assembly work, roughly 30 minutes you can save significantly on international shipping costs.  As we are always looking for ways to satisfy our customers, the feedback related to this model line and other requests that resulted in its creation are welcomed.)

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