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The Fundamental Set (19-V100)

Designed for beginning chemistry-or to simply experience the GIANT molecule model concept. It can be used directly by students or for demonstration by the instructor and accurately portrays the three dimensional character of atoms and molecules. Builds skeletal molecular structures and illustrates geometric relationships among atoms as well as mobility. Plus The Molecular Models User's Guide-an illustrated guide to concepts and model building.

The Fundamental Set has the capacity to build examples of chemical compounds from most of the Classes of Organic Chemical Compounds. Some of these Classes and examples of Organic compounds are: Alkanes (methane and ethane), Alkene (ethene), Alkyne (ethyne), Alcohol (methanol, ethanol), Amide (methanamide, ethanamide), Amine (amino-ethane) and Nitrile (ethanonitrite).

It can also construct a water molecule and many other organic compounds.

Kit Contents

Atom Centers

  • 2  Carbon (Black) tetrahedral
  • 6 Hydrogen (White) monovalent
  • 1 Oxygen (Red) divalent
  • 1 Nitrogen (Blue) tetrahedral


  • 6 wood (Yellow) 5.5cm
  • 4 wood (Black) 9cm
  • 3 (Opaque) Flex-Bonds 10cm
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