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Cesium Chloride (CsCl) Crystal Model Kit 10-CS0081 Assembly Instructions

Step 1: Separate the balls into green and red piles. Then separate the bonds into short and long piles.

Step 2: With the green 14 coordinate atom centers and pile of short bonds create the following structure below. You will have eight identical structures when complete. 
Cesium Chloride Crystal Model Kit


First, hold the green ball so that the seam from the mold is in the horizontal plane. You will see in the vertical axis as you turn the ball that there will be holes that line up (first picture below) and those that don’t. Insert four small bonds into the ones that do not have an adjacent hole in the vertical axis as pictured below (middle picture). The last view is from the top of your completed structure.
Cesium Chloride Crystal Model Chloride Atom CenterCesium Chloride Crystal CsClCesium Chloride Molecular Model Kit

Step 3: To finish the green ball insert a short bond into the vertical hole above and below the hole that you left open over the equator (above middle picture: hole closest to the thumb and index finger). You will then have a completed structure as noted in picture top left under step one. Now finish the other seven.

Step 4: Lay four assembled green balls and sticks as shown below on a flat surface from step 3. Hold a red balls so that the view appears like the 5 sided number of a die as shown in the middle picture below (and the above left in green). Keep this view as you set it into place attaching the corresponding holes on the other side with the short pegs from the four aligned green balls from the first image on the left. (below). You will have a structure that looks like this (Image bottom second from right).  Now repeat this a second time with one red ball as shown on the opposite side as shown on the bottom image to the right. Special note: You will only create one of these structures with two red balls as the second structure will be attached to the last figure on the right.
Cesium Chloride Model Kit Cesium Atom Center MoleculeCesium Chloride Crystal StructureCesium Chloride Crystal Kit
 Step 5: Attach your 2 red, 4 green ball structure from step 4 to your 1 red ball 4 green structures from step number 4 as well.  You will have a structure that looks like this:
Cesium Chloride Crystal Model Kit
Step 6: Attach the red balls around the perimeter starting on the top as shown (image bottom left). Note: When looking from the top you will see the 5 hole configuration and attach it to the mirrored 5 hole configuration on the bottom of the red ball as shown in the picture to the right. Rotate the cube and repeat exactly the same making sure this 5 hole configuration can be visualized as shown below.
Cesium Chloride CsCl Model Kit
Step 7: Insert the long bonds between the red balls to complete the cubic structure as shown in the picture to the below. Special note: In the picture the outer layer is shown to demonstrate assembly. It is easier to assemble the long bonds on the center red atom and then finish the outside as shown. It can be assembled from top to bottom but affords a little more room to work with finishing the inside first. You will not need to disassemble the center or any of the above assembled structure as the long bonds are able to flex to accommodate assembly.
 Cesium Chloride Crystal Structure Molecular Model Kit


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