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How to build a buckyball


How to Build a Buckyball

how to build a buckyball step one pentagons

Step 1:  Create 12 pentagonal structures utilizing your trigonal or tribipyramidal atom centers specific to your kit as shown with the grey 27 mm bonds as noted.

how to build a buckyball

Step 2:  Connect 6 pentagons together to make 2 of  the following structure noted.

How to build a buckyball

Step 3:  Connect the surrounding pentagons together to make 5 hexagons (between the pentagon’s in #2) completing the 2 halves of the sphere as shown.


How to build a buckyball

Step 4:  Connect the 2 halves together as shown.  At this junction you should have one pentagon and one hexagon.







Step 5:  Connect the remaining bonds to finish the Buckyball structure.



fuzzyball molecular model

(Optional)  for those with the Fuzzyball kit (tri-bipyramidal atom centers) you will now attach your 60 hydrogen atom centers as shown with the white 27 mm rigid bonds.  Expansion parts available.

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