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The Atomic Molecular Orbital Set (19-8042)

An easy-to-use, easy-to-see way to demonstrate atomic theory and structure. Illustrate the sublevels of energy designated by the letters s,p,and d. Plus, build hybrids of atomic orbitals. This kit will allow you to establish and easily instruct the geometrical shape with x,y and z coordinates.

The set builds 18 basic models with orbital lobe attachments to central spheres to illustrate many variations instantaneously. Vinyl receptors make connections a breeze when changing or modifying models. Also included are spheres to represent bonding atoms and ligands. Basic units are fully assembled and ready to be completed with polystyrene orbitals.

Components are of large 5 to 7.5 cm lightweight polystyrene lobes and spheres brilliantly finished in red and green to represent positive and negative orbitals, spin and other properties. Central spheres, coordinate rods and stands are hardwood.

Atomic Molecular Orbital Set Contents:

Atomic Orbitals

  • pAtomic (5 cm Spheres)
    3 Red and 3 Green
  • s Atomic (7 cm Spheres) 1 Red
  • d Atomic Orbital (5.5cm Disk) 1 Red
  • Orbitals (5 cm Lobes)
    47 Red and 12 Green

Central Spheres (Nuclei)

  • 3 Octahedral
  • 1 Square Planar
  • 3 Tetrahedral
  • 4 Covalent/Linear
  • 3 Tetrahedral
  • 3 Trigonal Bonds
  • 3 Sigma, Red Lobes
  • 6 Pi,Plastic Plus
  • 12 Atom Centers (2.5 cm white Spheres)
  • 19 Hardwood Stands

Includes Illustrated Building Instructions and Teaching Guide

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