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The Orbital Attachment Set (19-V513)

A collection of orbitals and Pi bonds provides the means to demonstrate the energy level or electron shell-and electron bonding of molecular compounds. Build space filling models with GIANT components. Most orbitals measure a large 4 X 3 inches (10 x 7.5 cm) and are brilliantly finished durable enamel  overlying  dense polystyrene. The bonds are lightweight plastic shapes which fit over the atomic orbitals to represent the electrons respective shapes.  This set is intended to enhance your "Giant Size" molecular model sets (19-V512, 19-V500, 19-V525).  With the addition of individual expansion atom centers this set can be tailored to your specific needs.

Set Contents:

Atomic Orbital Molecular ModelAtomic Orbitals

  • 7 - Red Atomic Orbitals
  • 7 - Green Atomic Orbitals
  • 8 - Red/White Protonated
  • 4 - Yellow Lone Pairs
  • 6 - Red Sigma Bonds

Pi Bonds


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