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3 Amino Acid Kits Skeletal


14-BA130 (Any) 3 Amino Acid Kit Simultaneo​usly (Skeletal)

With this kit build any three of the twenty amino acids required for human life to exist simultaneously. Explore the nine essential amino acids that that cannot be synthesized and must be obtained from our diet. Build and contrast these with the other eleven that can be produced within our bodies. In addition use this kit to explore the unique side chains that allow their classification as polar, non-polar, aromatic, acid and basic

29 - Carbon Tetrahedral (23mm, Black)
3 - Nitrogen Tetrahedral (23mm, Blue)
3 - Nitrogen Trigonal (23mm, Blue)
4 - Nitrogen Trigonal Pyramidal (23mm, Blue)
11 - Oxygen Divalent (23mm, Red)
2 - Sulfur Divalent (23mm, Yellow)
41 - Hydrogen Solid Caps (19mm, White)
26 - Flex Bonds (43mm, Grey)
29 - Rigid Bonds (27mm, Grey)

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