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20-S910 Super-Size Molecular Model Set


20-S910 Super-Size Molecular Model Set

Super size molecular model set designed to quickly and easily demonstrate the fundamental concepts of organic chemistry. Specially designed “Quick Connect” bond and receptor sites allow easy transition to other organic molecular models to facilitate instruction. 3” atom centers with brilliantly finished colors adherent to international color scheme are easily visualized by students. This organic molecular models set is ideal for beginning chemistry, High schoolchemistry or chemistry concept labs.

Molecular model class capabilities:

  • Alkanes (Methane, Ethane, easily demonstrate free rotation)
  • Alkenes (Ethene, 2-Butenes, easily demonstrate Cis and Trans Isomers)
  • Alcohol componds and hydrogen bonding (ethanol)
  • Carboxyl compounds (Formaldehyde, Acetone)
  • Carboxylic acid compounds (Acetic acid)

Set contents

  • Atom centers (3 inches)
  • 2 -Carbon (Black) Tetrahedral
  • 1 - Alkene C=C Double Bonded Carbon (Black/Black)
  • 1 -Nitrogen (Blue) Tetrahedral
  • 1 -Oxygen (Red) Divalent
  • 1 - Carbonyl C=O Oxygen bonded to Carbon (Red/Black)
  • Atom centers (2 inches)
  • 6 -Hydrogen ( White) Semi Space Filling Monovalent Distributor(s) of this item:
  • 6 -Hydrogen (White) Recessed Receptor
  • 5 -Halogen Semi Space Filling Monovalent 
  • Iodine-1
  • Chlorine-3
  • Bromine-1
  • 1 -Molecular Models Users Guide



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