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VSEPR Theory Models


Super Size VSEPR Theory Models Kit (20-S650)

woman holding VSEPR theory bent water moleculeCreate 13 models predicted by VSEPR theory with the Super-Size VSEPR Theory kit.  With these highly viable models illustrate the basic molecular shapes that are a result of electron repulsion.  The following models and variants can be created (as many as 6 simultaneously):  Linear, Trigonal planar, Angular, Tetrahedral, Trigonal pyramidal, Angular (2 lone pairs), Trigonal bipyrimidal, Seesaw, T-shaped, Linear (3 lone pairs), Octahedral, Square pyramidal, Square planar.  Our specially designed "quick change" receptor allows for easy transition to other VSEPR predicted structures.  These large models are easily seen within the classroom or lecture hall.

Kit Components

VSEPR theory molecule set3 inch atom centers

  • 1 Carbon (Black) Linear
  • 1 Sulfur (Yellow) Trigonal
  • 1 Carbon (Black) Tetrahedral
  • 1 Nitrogen (Blue) Tetrahedral
  • 1 Oxygen (Red) Tetrahedral
  • 1 Arsenic (Silver) Trigonal Bipyramidal
  • 1 Sulfur (Yellow) Trigonal Bipyramidal
  • 1 Chlorine (Green) Tri-Bipyramidal
  • 1 Sulfur (Yellow) Octahedral
  • 1 Iodine (Orange) Tetrahedral

2 inch atom centers:

  • 6 Space Filling Oxygen (Red) Monovalent Atom Centers
  • 8 Space Filling Hydrogen (White) Monovalent Atom Centers
  • 10 Space Filling Fluorine (Orange) Monovalent Atom Centers

5 Lone Pair (Yellow)

17 Orbitals (Silver)

Instruction Pamplet

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